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Sabian XSR1600B 16" XSR O-Zone Fast Crash Cymbal-Easy Music Center

Sabian XSR1600B 16" XSR O-Zone Fast Crash Cymbal

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Using the 16" XSR Fast Crash as a starting point, SABIAN has applied the highly-effective and successful B8 Pro double-ring O-Zone hole design to a B20 cast cymbal for the first time. The result is a darker, quicker effects crash with more white noise and more pure attack. The two rows of six response-enhancing holes allow this radical effects crash to respond rapidly with a combination of bright explosion and dirty agitation, delivering even attack that is aggressive, raw and nasty. Makes an ideal stacker over the 18" XSR Chinese!

  • Attributes
    • Vintage
    • Bright
    • B20