FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders $50 and up*

Price Matching

We are committed to offering you the best prices we can. Please let us know if you find lower prices from any authorized dealers and we will do our best to match or beat those prices.



  • Our price matching policy applies only to items priced above $100
  • Only prices from Authorized Dealers will be considered (any exceptions to this are at the sole discretion of Easy Music Center)
  • Item must be identical (brand name, model number, size, color, condition, etc.)
  • Item must be immediately available
  • Price matching inquiry must be made at the time of purchase or within five days of the date of purchase with a valid, original receipt
  • Competitor’s actual charges for shipping and handling must be verifiable and will be considered in the price match
  • We reserve the right to verify a competitor’s advertised price, the availability of the item, and the actual shipping and handling cost the customer will be charged
  • State tax charges (if any) will be applied to all transactions in accordance with state and federal law
  • Price matches are not stackable with any other discounts offered by Easy Music Center
  • Price matches are not guaranteed; some exceptions apply
  • Easy Music Center may amend this policy at any time


  • Items priced below $100
  • Items that ship from or are sold by third party sellers who are not Authorized Dealers (any exceptions to this will be at the sole discretion of Easy Music Center)
  • Items listed by competitors as not-in-stock, limited-stock, limited-quantity, or online-only; advertised as limited-time, daily special, or hourly special; or listed as open-box, clearance, close-out, refurbished, or used
  • Prices from online dealers that do not ship to Hawaii or for which the actual shipping and handling charges are not listed or cannot be verified
  • Advertisements in which the actual price of the item is not explicitly listed or cannot be determined (example: percentage-off ads in which no price is listed)
  • Store-wide, or site-wide, “blanket” discounts
  • Bundle offers which include items that we cannot stock or sell
  • Offers that include or require financing

Active Military Discount

  • 5% off items above $200 (qualifying individuals items only)
  • Must present active Military ID
  • Available in-store only


  • What is an Authorized Dealer?
    • An Authorized Dealer is a merchant or retailer who is authorized by the manufacturer or main distributor to sell its products. They have been vetted by the manufacturers to ensure that the products being sold are genuine and not previously sold. Manufacturers generally will only honor the factory warranty if items are purchased from an authorized dealer. In addition, sellers who are not authorized may be offering damaged, altered, incomplete, used, or counterfeit products.
  • What is a third party dealer?
    • A third party dealer is a seller who has not been directly authorized by a manufacturer to sell its products. These dealers typically appear online on third party listing and auction sites such as Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon. Most manufacturers will not offer warranties on items purchased from third party dealers.
    • Here is a link to more information from one of our manufacturers, Yamaha:
  • Do you match eBay and Amazon?
    • and eBay are third party seller websites. Many of its sellers have not been authorized by the manufacturer to sell its products. Generally, sellers on these websites are not able to offer a manufacturers warranty. We will consider price matching items that are being sold by directly if they are authorized to sell that product.
  • Why don’t you match limited-stock items?
    • Items are typically labelled as limited-stock when the dealer is out-of-stock but does not wish to dissuade customers from attempting to make a purchase. Limited-stock means the seller cannot guarantee item availability and we can only match the price of currently available items.
  • Why do you include tax for an online price match?
    • We are required by law to pay state excise taxes on any transaction in which the retail consumer is located in Hawaii, regardless of price. It would be illegal and unethical to do otherwise. In some cases, we may elect to reduce price of the item to account for online price matching.
    • Additionally, online transactions that do not charge Hawaii consumers tax are subject to the Use Tax and must be paid directly by consumers/buyers. The Use Tax amount is the exact same amount as the in-store excise tax. For more information please see or visit for details.