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NoFraud is a company that specializes in fraud prevention for e-commerce businesses. They offer a service that analyzes transactions and identifies those that are at high risk of being fraudulent. 

In some cases, your order may require additional verification to ensure security. Our trusted partner, NoFraud, might contact you via email, text, or phone to confirm your information.


Is NoFraud a legit company?

Yes. We use NoFraud to help improve the security of our payment processing system.

What do I do if NoFraud emails me? 

If you do receive an email from NoFraud, please follow the email prompts and verify your purchase. This may require a photo of your ID. 

What if I do not respond to the email?

We will not be able to continue with your order and will be required to cancel your order. 

What do I do if NoFraud texts or calls me? 

If you do receive a text or phone call, please verify with NoFraud your information requested. We are unable to process your order without their approval.