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Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard-Easy Music Center
Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard-Easy Music Center
Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard-Easy Music Center
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard-Easy Music Center
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard-Easy Music Center
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard-Easy Music Center

Yamaha YC61 61-key Organ-focused Stage Keyboard

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Designed for gigging keyboardists, the YC Series features a newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ engine with physical drawbars, extensive real-time control and authentic Acoustic/Electric Piano and FM synth sound. With three models to choose from, there’s a YC stage keyboard for every stage and every player.

When it comes to versatility, YC is a virtuoso. Featuring premium keyboard sound with more possibilities than ever. Choose from authentic Yamaha grand/upright pianos, electric pianos and keyboards to a tonewheel organ with rotary speaker, synths, acoustic sounds and more. Our proprietary VCM recreates the circuits of vintage analog EQs, compressors and phasers right down to the transistors and resistors to capture the subtleties other digital simulations can’t. It’s like having an incredible sounding keyboard with everything, to go.

How do you reproduce the warm, authentic sound of an organ in a stage keyboard? You build an organ engine the Yamaha way, from the ground up. Yamaha puts your favorite classic organ sounds in one powerful, stage keyboard. YC models three organ vintages - just out of the box, well-traveled and character-rich vintage. Need more? Go under the hood to adjust key click, leakage, rotary speaker speed and more to get the one-of-a-kind organ tone you've been searching for.

YC brings you the authentic sounds of classic rotary speakers with no maintenance required. Choose from two faithfully modeled rotary speaker profiles - warm and full or dirty and aggressive - and adjust top or bottom rotor speed for total control.

VCM re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage effects and high-end studio signal processors by modeling the circuits down to the original analog component level.

In 1983, Yamaha introduced the iconic sounds of FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis to the world with the launch of the synthesizer DX7. Now YC brings FM synthesis to the organ for a new generation of players. Simply switch to FM Organ and your drawbars control 8 FM Operators that send a pure sound with massive low end. Add rotary speaker or amp sim effects for character and vibe. Intuitive controls make it easy to discover new sounds. Or recreate classic transistor organ tones from warm to reedy to buzzy by choosing one of three popular FM Organ modes.

At Yamaha, we put everything we’ve learned over the last 100 years into everything you touch. Whether you prefer the natural feel of a graded acoustic piano, the balanced touch of an electric piano or a waterfall keyboard with authentic organ action, there’s a YC that’s right for you. It’s no wonder more players reach for Yamaha keyboards than any other.

The authentic Waterfall keyboard action of the YC61 was created by painstaking research into traditional organ keyboards and constant feedback from top keyboard artists. The result is a keyboard that not only provides the distinctive touch of an organ, it gives artists new ways to express themselves on acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads, brass sections and more.

YC73 has a weighted and balanced action that models the unmistakable feel of an electric piano. With an E-to-E keyboard and a touch that falls between graded acoustic piano and authentic organ action, it’s quite possibly the most versatile YC of all.

The natural wood keys and graded action of the YC88 reproduce the weight and response of a grand piano right down to the feel of the heavy or light hammers in the low and high ends. YC88 also features a triple sensor action for pianists accustomed to the response and speed of grand pianos. You get the touch of a Yamaha acoustic piano with the unmatched versatility of the YC.

  • Keyboard
    • Number of Keys 61
    • Type Semi-weighted Waterfall keyboard, initial touch
  • Voices
    • Tone Generating Technology VCM Organ, AWM2, FM
    • Number of Polyphony (Max.) [VCM Organ + AWM2]:128 *Total of VCM Organ and AWM2, [FM]:128
    • Number of Live Set Sound 160 (Preset Live Set Sounds:80)
    • Number of Voices 145 (Organ:6 / Keys:139)
  • Effects
    • Insertion Effect Organ 1 systems (Pre Drive) / Key A 2 systems (1: 32 types, 2: 32 types) / Key B 2 systems (1: 32 types, 2: 32 types)
    • Effect 32 types
    • Speaker/Amp 6 types (Rotary Speaker: 2 types, Amp: 4 types)
    • Reverb 1 type
    • Master EQ 3 band (with sweepable Mid)
  • Connectivity
    • Line Out OUTPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks, UNBALANCED)
    • Headphones [PHONES] (6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack)
    • MIDI MIDI [IN]/[OUT]
    • AUX INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)
  • Other
    • Connectors [AC IN]
    • Display Full Dot LCD (128 x 64 dots)
    • Additional package contents Owner’s Manual x 1, Power cord x 1
  • Size/Weight
    • Width 35-1/4" (896 mm)
    • Height 4-1/4" (108 mm)
    • Depth 12-3/16" (309 mm)
    • Weight 15 lb (7.1 kg, 10 oz)

* These are suggestions Only - Not all Cases will fit all 61 key keyboards. Please be sure to check the product measurements listed for the keyboard versus the bag capacity listed on the bag product.