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Yamaha SPK-285 Bell Kit with Backpack-Easy Music Center

Yamaha SPK-285 Bell Kit with Backpack

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This model features an aluminum bell set in F57-C88 range; backpack style case; 8" tunable practice pad; combination stand with X-style stand top and snare stand top; music rack; mallets; and Vic Firth SD1 drumsticks. For realistic practice and performance, note names are not printed on the bars. Note name stickers are included and can be applied to the bars if desired.

  • Bells start on F instead of G to reduce confusion for beginners using accidentals to find C and allowing more 2-octave scale studies.
  • By not including note names on the tone bar surface, this mode helps to facilitate a more realistic practice and performance thereby challenging students to develop at the same rate as other instruments.
  • X-style bell stand with basket offer convenience and stability.
  • Durable soft backpack style case with reflective safety stripes
  • Note names included on stickers inside the case.
  • Band director designed. 
  • Durable soft backpack style case with reflective safety stripes
  • 8" tunable practice pad
  • X-style stand
  • Music rack
  • Mallets
  • Vic Firth SD1 drumsticks