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Taylor 80499 Guitar Dehumidifier by Ever Bamboo - 3pk-Easy Music Center

Taylor 80499 Guitar Dehumidifier by Ever Bamboo - 3pk

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Ever Bamboo products have been used and tested to effectively to aid in the process of keeping your solid wood instrument at the proper acceptable humidity range around 55%. It offers both protection from becoming over-humidified, as well as aiding in de-humidifying an instrument that has already seen the effects of prolonged humidity variables. Ever bamboo products are simple and effective and will keep you from strumming the blues. We think It’s instrumental for your instrument!

  • ALL NATURAL bamboo charcoal absorbs excess moisture
  • PROTECTS INSTRUMENT from becoming over-humidified
  • LASTS UP TO 1 YEAR - reactivate under sunlight every 30-60 days