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Tama CBA56 Cowbell Pipe Mount - 15.9 mm to 28.6 mm-Easy Music Center

Tama CBA56 Cowbell Pipe Mount - 15.9 mm to 28.6 mm

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Need more cowbell for your drum kit? The Tama CBA56 Combines the universal clamp with the LCB L-rod to mount most popular percussion instruments (cowbell) and accessories.

FastClamp Easy Set-Up System
Do you ever feel like you need three hands to attach a drum clamp?
Are you constantly frustrated by having to search the floor for dropped and scattered parts? That's why TAMA's hardware designers came up with the FastClamp. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Open the FastClamp just like a clothespin.

2. Close the FastClamp on the stand just like a clothespin.

3. The FastClamp holds the clamp in place so you can tighten the T-bolt.

You're all done! Who knows, you may even start to enjoy setting up your kit as much as you do playing it! Probably not, but if your kit requires a lot of clamps, set up will be a lot faster and easier with attachments that feature the FastClamp Easy Set-Up System.

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