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Remo DI-6275-70 Folding Drum Riser, 7.75" x 10", Black-Easy Music Center

Remo DI-6275-70 Folding Drum Riser, 7.75" x 10", Black

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  • Remo's Drum Riser is designed to ergonomically position the drum at an optimum playing height and it folds to a compact size for storage and portability.
  • Bass tones resonate freely as the Drum Riser lifts the drum off the floor while being supported by the drummer’s knees, making playing more comfortable and enhancing your drumming experience. The Drum Riser fits a wide range of Remo drums.
  • To open, at the base of the Drum Riser pull the lock up and rotate either direction swing both outside legs to open position. Now rotate back to original position lining up the arrow to lock.
  • Reverse procedure to close.