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Ortofon VNL-I VNL Spherical Stylus, Flexible-Easy Music Center

Ortofon VNL-I VNL Spherical Stylus, Flexible

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VNL - "In ViNyL we trust"
Even before the launch of the Concorde MkII, we have always studied the feedback of our customers and how they utilize our products.

Skilled DJs demand specialized tools that can help them push their creativity to the edge – consistently testing the boundaries in the realm of performance.

Understanding this and reflecting our extensive experience in industrial design and technological know-how, we present the new Ortofon VNL cartridge – a model tailored uniquely to the unrelenting demands of modern turntablists and portablists.


The new VNL features and improvements

  • Extra resistance to hardcore scratching and back spinning
  • High tracking performance for both DVS usage and real vinyl
  • Optimal balance of output and of sound quality

Technological improvements have been applied for the benefits of all users:

  • Ultrasonic welding of the components ensures high rigidity and freedom from resonances.
  • Robotic assembly of stylus assembly offers high precision and uniformity of industrial production.


3 different feels to fine-tune your performance
To match the multiple applications of modern DJs the VNL INTRO PACK includes 3 different styli with suspension types of varying feel and rigidity:

  • Stylus VNL I compliance, dynamic lateral 16 μm/m N - Flexible
  • Stylus VNL II compliance, dynamic lateral 15 μm/m N - Rigid
  • Stylus VNL III compliance, dynamic lateral 14 μm/m N - Firm

DJs can easily identify which stylus type best suits their individual DJ style and enables their absolute best performance capability.


Exclusive features
The VNL features a spherical stylus which is perfect for tough groove handling. Furthermore, it reduces record wear when scratching and back-cueing to an absolute minimum.

The broad stance of the VNL features solid and robust design elements characteristic to Ortofon, with colors meticulously selected to emphasize sturdiness and DJ aesthetics: the cartridge body has been designed to provide easy mounting and alignment on a variety of headshells.

The VNL provides excellent compatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems, ensuring it stays in the groove under the most demanding conditions.

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They put the VNL to the test!
The multiple titles' winners DJ ND, Jose Rodriguez & DJ Odilon put the VNL to test: from mixing to beat-juggling and hardcore scratching. Want to know whether the VNL performed to the DJs' expectations? Read the below testimonials:

  • Jose Rodriguez: "The VNL is very resistant & robust. I love the idea of the 3 stylus to perfectly fit the style of the DJs. To me, it’s the perfect solution for my portable turntable. I take it with me wherever I go."
  • DJ ND: "I’ve been surprised by the stability of the VNL. On both S-shaped & straight tone arms the result is amazing. Even when putting more pressure with the vinyl hand, the VNL stays in the groove. Also on the DVS, the signal is perfect. Definitely one of my favorite models of the Ortofon DJ range."
  • DJ Odilon: "Super stable on classic and portable turntables. The VNL is easy to plug and offers good visibility on the vinyl. I love the sexy design, it looks lighter than other cartridges, but stays in the groove like no other. My weapon of choice in any club performance or showcase."
  • Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec. - 6 mV
  • Channel separation at 1kHz - 20 dB
  • Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz -2/+4 dB
  • Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force:
    • VNL I 100 μm
    • VNL II 90 μm
    • VNL III 90 μm
  • Compliance, dynamic lateral:
    • VNL I 16 μm/m N
    • VNL II 15 μm/m N
    • VNL III 14 μm/m N
  • Tracking force range - 3 - 5 g
  • Tracking force recommended - 4 g
  • Internal impedance, DC resistance - 750 Ohm
  • Internal inductance - 450 mH
  • Recommended load resistance - 47 kOhm
  • Recommended load capacitance - 200-600 pF
  • Cartridge weight - 6,5 g
  • Replacement stylus units: VNL I, VNL II, VNL III
  • Antiskating: for best backcueing performance use “0”