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Odyssey GRUVGLIDE Gruv Glide Vinyl Cleaning Kit-Easy Music Center

Odyssey GRUVGLIDE Gruv Glide Vinyl Cleaning Kit

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IT'S BACK! Gruv Glide has been out of production for a couple years, but we're glad to announce the cult favorite record cleaner has returned. Many DJ's and vinyl collectors swear by this stuff, and for good reason, it really works! The kit comes with 2 cleaning pads and a specially formulated spray cleaner. When used properly, the process cleans your records efficiently, removes static and improves the sound quality on any record. With proper application, it will also improve tracking by providing a microscopic layer of lubrication that reduces record wear and prevents static build-up, ultimately making your records and your styli last longer. One set can treat 300 sides (150 records). You can also use this on CDs, follow the enclosed instructions. Recommended.

  • cult favorite record cleaner
  • cleans vinyl, removes static, improves record fidelity
  • reduces surface noise + record wear
  • treats 150 records (300 sides)
  • extends the lives of cartridges and records
  • includes 2x cleaning pads
  • 4.5 oz. aerosol can
  • 2x cleaning pads
  • static tester