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LP LPA640A 10" Rawhide Conga Head-Easy Music Center

LP LPA640A 10" Rawhide Conga Head

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Rawhide conga heads tend to have a warm, deep tone with a lot of nuance layered into the sound. Real skin heads offer a more authentic look and tone than synthetic materials offer, but they are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature, making them more fragile.

The Aspire series from LP aims to be affordable while still maintaining a professional sound. It is a good entry-level series, but it can also be good for gigging or touring, in an environment when you wouldn't want your most expensive drums to garner a lot of wear and tear.

  • Fits Many LP Conga Models
  • 10" Diameter Rawhide Head
  • Tucked Collar
  • Real Rawhide for Authentic Sound
  • Warm, Deep Tone
  • Susceptible to Changes in Weather