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LR Baggs FIVEO Ukulele Undersaddle Pickup System-Easy Music Center

LR Baggs FIVEO Ukulele Undersaddle Pickup System

LR Baggs
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The FIVE.O is small, light-weight, and best of all, specifically engineered to track the uke's unmistakably unique voice. The system combines a custom version of the award winning Element pickup, a soundhole mounted volume control and a miniature endpin preamp powered by a 3V battery. L.R. Baggs radically miniaturized their design so that the complete system weighs less than a 9V battery and tucks away neatly inside of the small instrument for a non-invasive installation. The pickup also features a pull guide to facilitate faster installations.

  • Custom Element Pickup
  • Easy-in Pull Guide
  • Miniature endpin preamp
  • Soundhole mounted volume control
  • Super Light Weight
  • Battery Type: 3V
  • Battery Life: 300+ hours
  • One (1) Undersaddle pickup and endpin preamp with attached volume control and battery connector
  • One (1) Green monofilament line for pickup installation
  • Two (2) CR2032 3V lithium coin cell battery
  • Three (3) Self-stick wire clips
  • One (1) Manual