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Casio ADE95100B 9.5V Adapter for CT-X700-Easy Music Center

Casio ADE95100B 9.5V Adapter for CT-X700

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  • ADE95100B AC Adapter is a 9.5 volt power supply.
  • Compatible with the following:
  • CTK-240, CTK-1500, CTK-2300, CTK-2400, CTK-2500, CTK-2550, CTK-3200, CTK-3500, CTK-4400, CT-X700, LK-160, LK-165, LK-170, LK-175, LK-190, LK-240, LK-260, LK-265, LK-280, SA-46, SA76, SA77, SA78, WK-225, WK-240, WK-245, XW-P1, XW-G1, XW-PD1