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Electro Harmonix CANYON Delay and Looper-Easy Music Center

Electro-Harmonix CANYON Delay and Looper

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Packed with more power than pedals taking up more real estate, the compact Canyon features a collection of awe-inspiring effects. From pristine digital delay to warm and warbly tape echo, reverse and modulated delays, cascading octave delay and shimmer… even an exquisite Deluxe Memory Man emulation. There are ten different effects in all plus a fully featured looper. Internal or external Tap Tempo with tap divide and a chasm full of intuitive secondary knob controls deliver a truly grand experience.

  • ECHO: digital delay
  • MOD: modulated delay
  • MULTI: multi-tap delay
  • REVRS: reverse delay
  • DMM: Deluxe Memory Man
  • TAPE: tape delay
  • VERB: reverb plus delay
  • OCT: octave delay
  • SHIM: shimmer
  • S/H: sample and hold
  • LOOP: looper mode with max loop length of 62 seconds
  • Delay time of 5 milliseconds to 3 seconds
  • Tap Tempo with tap divide using the built-in footswitch or an external footswitch
  • Tails switch allows you to choose whether echoes repeat or stop immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass
  • Easy access to “hidden” parameters thru Secondary Knob Mode
  • EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply included
  • Current Draw: 150mA @ 9VDC
  • Dimensions in inches: 2.75(w) x 4.5(l) x 2(h)
  • Dimensions in mm: 70(w) x 115(l) x 51(h)
  • FX LVL Knob – Controls the output volume of the delay effect. When this knob is at the minimum position, the output is only your dry signal. As the knob is turned up, the delay output increases in volume. As the knob is turned past 2 o’clock, the dry signal decreases in volume. When the knob is at the maximum position, the output is only the delay output. Note: in S/H and LOOP modes, the dry signal remains at unity volume even as FX LVL is turned to maximum
  • DELAY Knob – Controls the delay time of the CANYON, from a minimum position of 5 milliseconds to a maximum of 3 seconds.
  • FEEDBACK Knob – Controls the number of repeats of the delayed signal. As this knob is turned clockwise, the number of repeats increases. In S/H mode, this knob controls the pluck detection sensitivity. As the knob is turned clockwise, the sensitivity increases. In LOOP mode, this knob controls how much of the existing loop is preserved when overdubbing. As the knob is rotated clockwise, more of the existing loop is preserved. At the maximum position, the loop will stay the same volume while overdubbing.
  • MODE Knob – This knob is an 11-position rotary switch that selects which of the CANYON’s delay modes is active.
  • TAP/DIVIDE Switch and LED – This switch controls the Tap Divide setting. When the delay time is set using tap tempo, this button controls the division of the tapped tempo. Press the switch to cycle through the Tap Divide options, which are indicated by the LED color. Red indicates quarter notes, orange indicates dotted eighth notes, and green indicates eighth notes. If the LED does not change color when pressing this switch, internal Tap Tempo is disabled. See “Tap Tempo with the CANYON” on page 7 for the details of tap tempo use.
  • Footswitch – Press this footswitch to switch the pedal between bypass and effect modes. When the pedal is in effect mode, the LED will be lit. The footswitch can also be used to set the delay time by tapping it at least two times. This functionality is enabled from the factory, but can be disabled. See “Tap Tempo with the CANYON” on page 7 for details.
  • TAILS Switch – The CANYON allows you to choose whether delayed echoes continue to repeat or stop immediately after the pedal is switched to bypass. To control this, remove the CANYON’s bottom cover and locate the small slide switch on the bottom of the board labeled “TAILS.” When Tails are set to ON, the echoes will continue to repeat after the pedal is switched to bypass, with the number of repeats set by the FEEDBACK knob. Anything you play after entering bypass will not repeat. If the pedal is set for infinite feedback (i.e. the FEEDBACK knob is set to maximum) the repeats will continue until you turn the FEEDBACK knob down or switch to a different mode. Note: In Sample/Hold mode, repeats will not continue indefinitely when Tails are ON. The repeats will fade out over half a second. When Tails are set to OFF, all repeats will stop as soon as the bypass switch is pressed, regardless of the FEEDBACK knob setting.