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ART MACROMIX 4 Channel 1/4” / RCA Mini Mixer-Easy Music Center

ART MACROMIX 4 Channel 1/4” / RCA Mini Mixer

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Problem:​ You need to add 3 mics to a mixer, which only has one available channel.

Solution:​ Insert a ProMIX between the mics and the mixer. Each mic channel on the ProMIX has both phantom power and low-frequency cut selectable via DIP switches plus a level control. The balanced XLR line output can be connected to a mic input on the mixer and headphones or a powered monitor can be connected to the Phone/Aux output. And if AC power is not available, the ProMIX runs on batteries as well.

  • Signal To Noise Ratio > 90dB
  • Maximum Gain +40dB
  • Input Impedance 10K Ω
  • IMD (SMPTE) <0.008%
  • Power Requirements 12V DC (Adapter included)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion <0.008%
  • Dimensions 5.625×3.75×1.75 inches (143mm x 92mm x 45mm)
  • Weight 1.6 lbs (725g)