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BUYING GUIDE: Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags


This bag has minimal padding but it's affordable.

HI Bags W-105U/6 Standard Acoustic Guitar Bag



This bag has a pretty decent amount of padding (20mm) and it can take some abuse. This bag would probably be my choice if I had something like an FS800.

HI Bags WG20D/6 Deluxe 20mm Acoustic Guitar Bag



This bag has a lot of padding (30mm). It's pretty darn rugged and can take some serious abuse. Your guitar might survive a drop on the ground in this bag. It's built to last. It is going to be a bit heavier than the "Better" option.

HI Bags WG30P/6 Premium 30mm Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag


This is the best of both worlds, protection of a hard case with the ease of transport of a gig bag.  I would give this case the nod over all those other hard cases if you say dropped your guitar off a 3 story building.  It's expensive.  It's heavy.  But it's rock solid and built to take a serious beating.

Reunion Blues RBCA2 Voyager Dreadnought Case