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BUYING GUIDE: Acoustic Guitar Cases


If you are just doing mostly at home and occasionally leave the house with your guitar.

HI Bags DC350 Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case



If you think you might have to check it into an airplane one day and need something that could get manhandled a little.

Gator GC-DREAD Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Case


If you want to be more sure the guitar will make the flight and not get buss up.  The latches are protected from bag handlers and it has TSA approved locks so you can leave your case locked without fearing that TSA will need to bust into it.



This isn't a hard case, but it might as well be from a protection standpoint.  I would give this case the nod over all those other hard cases if you say dropped your guitar off a 3 story building.  It's expensive.  It's heavy.  But it's rock solid and built to take a serious beating.

Reunion Blues RBCA2 Voyager Dreadnought Case