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Yamaha YPC-32 Standard Piccolo; key of C-Easy Music Center

Yamaha YPC-32 Standard Piccolo; key of C

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With its easy playability, accurate intonation, and characteristic piccolo sound, the YPC-32 is very popular with students as well as doublers. The body is made of sturdy, maintenance-free ABS resin for a sound similar to that of natural wood.

YPC-32 Standard ABS Resin Piccolo

A great general use plastic piccolo for any performance situation.

  • YPC-32
  • Specifications
  • Level    Standard
  • Key of    C
  • Body Style    Standard
  • Body Material    ABS Resin
  • Headjoint    Nickel Silver; Conical Bore
  • Key Material    Nickel Silver
  • Footjoint    N/A
  • Plating    Silver (headjoint and keys)
  • Tone Holes    Undercut
  • Key System    N/A
  • Key Types    Concave contoured with ribbed key post
  • Key Mechanism    Split E
  • Spring Type    Stainless Steel
  • Screw Type    Straight
  • Bumper Type    Neoprene