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Yamaha YCL-200ADII Advantage Clarinet; key of Bb

Yamaha YCL-200ADII Advantage Clarinet; key of Bb

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Every student deserves an Advantage! The YCL-200ADII is the perfect rental instrument for the beginning clarinet student. Offering a myriad of features that enforce positive habits and provide comfort and durabilty, the Advantage standard Bb clarinet provides an excellent overall experience.

Level: Advantage

Key: Bb

Fingering: Boehm

Key System: 17 keys, 6 rings

Barrel Length: 65mm

Body Material: Matte ABS Resin

Barrel Material: Matte ABS Resin

Bell Material: Matte ABS Resin

Key Material: Nickel silver

Plating: Nickel

Bore: Molded

Tone Holes: Straight tone holes with tapered undercut

Thumb Rest: Adjustable with strap ring

Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4C

Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic

Ligature: Nickel-plated

Pad Type: Valentino

Spring Type: Stainless Steel

Posts: Threaded

Case: ABS plastic; lightweight