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Electro Harmonix NANOBATTALION Bass Preamp/Overdrive-Easy Music Center

Electro-Harmonix NANOBATTALION Bass Preamp/Overdrive

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The all-analog circuitry of the Nano Battalion provides an amazing array of bass tones in a sturdy, compact package. A versatile MOSFET drive circuit that can deliver everything from subtle, light overdrive to fully saturated distortion forms the pedal’s core.

The Nano Battalion features a three-band EQ with three EQ position modes for maximum flexibility and sound shaping control. The three-band EQ includes Treble (boost/cut above 1kHz) and Bass (boost/cut below 200Hz) controls, plus a Mid switch which provides a 9dB boost or cut at 500Hz. Three signal path options determine where the EQ is applied. In Distortion Mode the EQ comes after the distorted signal and has a powerful effect on its timbre while the clean signal is not affected. In Input Mode the EQ comes first in the signal path affecting both the clean and distorted signals. Boosting frequencies in this mode can drive the distortion to a more saturated state. In Dry Mode the EQ affects the clean signal, but not the distorted signal.

The Nano Battalion includes a ¼" input jack and ¼" output jack. When a normal TS cable is connected to the output jack it delivers an unbalanced signal. When a TRS cable is plugged into this jack, it outputs a balanced signal that can go directly into a mixing console or recording interface.

The Nano Battalion is a powerful, versatile tool for bass players.

  • All analog circuit with MOSFET drive for great tone and variation
  • Three-band EQ and three EQ position modes for maximum sound shaping control and flexibility
  • Great for active or passive, pickup-equipped basses
  • ¼ inch output provides an unbalanced output with a TS cable or a balanced signal with a TRS cable to right into a mixing console or recording interface
  • EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply included
  • Current Draw: 45mA @ 9VDC
  • Dimensions in inches: 2.75(w) x 4.5(l) x 2(h)
  • Dimensions in mm: 70(w) x 115(l) x 51(h)
  • BYPASS Footswitch & LED – The LED illuminates when the effect is engaged. The LED will not light if the Nano Battalion is bypassed. Press the footswitch to toggle between effect on and buffered bypass mode.
  • VOL Knob – Sets master output level of the pedal.
  • BLEND Knob – Sets the ratio between clean signal and distorted signal. Turn BLEND up for more distorted signal.
  • DRIVE Knob – Sets the intensity and saturation of the distortion.
  • TONE Knob – Cuts high frequencies from the distortion as you turn the knob down.
  • TREBLE Knob – Boost or cut high end. No effect when the knob is at 50%. Boosts/cuts frequencies starting above 1kHz. Maximum boost/cut about +/-12dB around 5kHz. BASS Knob – Boost or cut low end. No effect when the knob is at 50%. Boosts/cuts frequencies starting below 200Hz. Maximum boost/cut about +/-12dB around 60Hz.
  • MID Switch – No effect when the switch is in the middle position. In the upwards position, 9dB boost around 500Hz. In the downwards position, 9dB cut around 500Hz.