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Lava Music AIRFLOW-CHARGER Blue Lava AirFlow Wireless Charger-Easy Music Center

Lava Music AIRFLOW-CHARGER Blue Lava AirFlow Wireless Charger

Lava Music
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AirFlow Wireless Charger Let the Power Flow: BLUE LAVA Exclusive Fit in and Stand out
Inspired by pop culture, the charger design combines a robust structure with playful forms.
With the BLUE LAVA icon, it owns unique identity and detailing, standing out like no other.

Wireless Charging Stand
A fast, stable recharger for your BLUE LAVA. When not charging, it serves as an artistic guitar stand.

Light and Portable
Unfold to use and fold to carry.
With the space-efficient design, it is easy to store and travel-friendly.

Designed for Easy and Stable Placement
The backrest design helps you place your BLUE LAVA accurately and keeps it locked in firmly. Align your BLUE LAVA with the backrest and slide it down until it sits securely in place. Set it up to charge by attaching the charging connector over the strap button.