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Groove Tubes GT-EL84-RD-M Gold Series Russian EL84 Duet, Med-Easy Music Center

Groove Tubes 555-0113-574 GT-EL84-RD-M Gold Series Russian EL84 Duet, Med

Groove Tubes
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Exhibits many of the same characteristics as the EL34, but with a power output of roughly 5-8 watts. Very creamy and smooth; used in many modern class "A" amps. Nearly every modern tube amp company produces a small amp, and Groove Tubes EL84's are a perfect upgrade for any stock tube in these amps. Great for recording and rehearsal; with a soft and tactile touch, rich harmonic response and pleasingly musical top end.

A solid performer — good quality and long lasting. Tends to be a little more aggressive and edgy when pushed into overdrive. This version is a little brighter, but still has a nice smooth top end.

  • Duet of EL84-R tubes rated medium power range