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Groove Tubes GT-EL34-RD-M Gold Series Russian EL34 Duet, Med-Easy Music Center

Groove Tubes 555-0113-569 GT-EL34-RD-M Gold Series Russian EL34 Duet, Med

Groove Tubes
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The original power platform behind most high-powered British guitar stacks from the '60s onward. Output is generally between 20 and 25 watts, with pronounced mid-range punch, tight low end and crisp top end that breaks up relatively smoothly and gets a little crunchy when pushed hard. It provides a great voice that stands out in a band mix as the mids tend to power their way through an overall mix. Big brother to the EL84.

The GT EL34 is based on the original Mullard EL34 of the '60s. Mullard produced it for about 15 years, and this is a faithful reproduction of the classic XF2 dual-getter version. It has a big, fat and well-defined tone and really "wakes up" reissue amps to perform like the originals. As close as you can get to vintage power tube heaven.

  • Duet of EL34-R tubes rated medium power range