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Electro Harmonix COCKFIGHTPLUS Epic wah and talking vowels

Electro Harmonix COCKFIGHTPLUS Epic wah and talking vowels

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The EHX Cock Fight Plus offers up the award-winning tone of the original Cock Fight in a rugged, lightweight pedal and with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism. It contains two different expressive filters: a traditional wah pedal filter and a formant filter used for vowel sounds. The Cock Fight also features a lively fuzz section that can be added before or after the filter section, or taken out of the signal path completely.

  • Great wah and talking pedal sounds
  • getting three pedals in one: crying wah + talking wah plus a classic fuzz
  • Use with or with out the fuzz. Place the fuzz before the filter for a vintage vibe or after for a more modern sound
  • Adjustable bias control takes the fuzz from “normal” to a classic “dying battery” sound
  • 9-Volt battery included, also accepts optional EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply
  • Current Draw: 50mA @ 9VDC
  • Dimensions in inches: 3.5(w) x 10(l) x 3.5(h)
  • Dimensions in mm: 89(w) x 254(l) x 89(h)

Toggle between buffered bypass and effect mode by firmly pushing the Cock Fight Plus pedal downward, in the toe direction, until you hear a click from its footswitch. Please Note: The Cock Fight Plus does not provide a visual indication that it is in either effect or bypass mode or that it is powered up.

While in effect mode, rock your foot back and forth on the pedal to sweep the filter and alter the tone of your instrument.

You may find your tone is especially sweet at certain spots along the pedal’s sweep. When you hit just the right spot, carefully remove your foot from the pedal so that the tone remains fixed. This use of the pedal is commonly referred to as a “cocked wah.”

VOL Knob
Use the VOL (volume) knob to adjust the master output volume.

CRY/TALK Toggle Switch
The “up” position selects the CRY setting. CRY simulates the type of filter found in a typical wah pedal circuit. The “down” position selects the TALK setting. This setting—as its name implies—produces throaty/vocal vowel sounds.

FUZZ PRE/X/POST Toggle Switch
The PRE position places the fuzz before the filter. Use this position for a more vintage Hendrix vibe. The position marked X removes the fuzz entirely from the circuit. The POST position places the fuzz after the filter and yields a more modern sound.

BOT Knob
The BOT (BOTTOM) Knob is a low frequency boost control that is slightly above unity gain when set fully clockwise. Set this knob fully counterclockwise to remove the BOTTOM circuit from the signal path. TIP: When used with a bass guitar or other low frequency sources, the BOTTOM adjustment can help retain the bottom end typically lost along certain positions of the filter sweep.

Use the TONE knob to vary the fuzz sound from dark to bright.

The BIAS knob controls the amount of bias voltage supplied to one of the two transistors in the fuzz circuit. Turn the BIAS knob fully clockwise to supply a nominal voltage to produce a “normal” fuzz sound. Turn the bias control down (counterclockwise) to decrease the bias voltage to get the so-called “dying battery” sound. This type of sound is characterized by a decrease in sustain and by notes that get choked off as you play with less force.

Set the amount of fuzz with the DRIVE knob