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Quilter BASSBLOCK800-Easy Music Center

Quilter BASSBLOCK800

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A throbbing bass line is the foundation of virtually all music, and bass players have traditionally required heavy amps and oversize cabinets to properly rock the house. Not any more! The 4-lb (1.8kg) Bass Block 800 combines exclusive Class-D power technology with unique preamp processing to yield a "bottomless" flow of energy that keeps the crowd moving all night long. Drives any good speaker to full performance, and performs especially well docked in our Bassliner series. Twice the power, half the size!

Unlike many of today’s compact bass amps, the Bass Block 800 is not simply a consumer-grade power module married to a pre-amp, but a comprehensive power system that responds dynamically and musically to the player’s instrument and touch. Dual inputs, a highly selective Depth control, dual-action Contour, and Master control with peak power calibrations make it easy to dial in a great sound, for active, passive, and upright basses. Muting switch enables silent changes, with XLR in/out for system interfacing.