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Roll the dice or pay the price

Take advantage of a rare offer, 10% off your entire order. 

What’s the catch?

You need to order online, use discount code, “ROLLTHEDICE” during checkout, and select CURBSIDE CONTACTLESS PICK UP.*

Roll the dice example

On Monday, November 30th, we will begin to process orders. If your items are still available, your order will be processed, and you will be notified your order is ready for pickup. 

If any of your items are out of stock, you will be notified. You will have the opportunity to lock in your order at that discounted price or cancel your order for a full refund. We will provide you with an ETA, but cannot guarantee a delivery date. 

The quantities available on our site reflect our current stock and stock that is on order. 

Do you enjoy a game of chance? Are you ready to roll the dice or pay the price? 

*If you try to choose “Free Shipping” and use a discount code, our site will accept your order, but we will call you and ask for a curbside pickup or we will cancel the order.  We will not do free shipping and a discount.  This deal is for people who are willing to do a curbside pickup the following Monday and after the Black Friday weekend.