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Eno ET-39 Large Clip-on Tuner w/ Full Color Display-Easy Music Center

Eno ET-39 Large Clip-on Tuner w/ Full Color Display

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ENO Electric guitar tuner Clip on Guitar Ukulele Bass Violin Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic Headstock Tuner

"I really like this clip on tuner and use it at home all the time.  As I get older, I notice I'm starting to like big and bright displays on everything.  This tuner is well built, works quite well, and is super visible to my old man eyes"  Peter Dods, Owner, Easy Music Center

  • Vibration sensor: senses the vibration of the strings through the neck, so it does not need to hear the tone. Works great on stage or in noisy places.
  • An extra large LCD screen displays note name.
  • Three Bright Backlights Screen, Awesome for dark stages!
  • One button Operation. (Simple, large power button turns it on and off. )
  • Typical battery life for normal usage is about 1 year. Battery Included (1x CR2032 Coin Battery.)
  • Power saving function. If there is no signal inputs in 3 minutes after the power is on, the tuner will turn off automatically.
  • Flexible.freely turns 360 degrees.
  • It enters into the tuning status automatically after turning on the machine. 
  • The machine will record the last status, when turning off the machine. 
  • Once re-starting the machine, the last status will appear again. 
  • Brand: ENO
  • Model: ET39
  • Tuning Range: A0(27.5Hz)~A6(1760Hz)
  • Tuning Accuracy:  ±0.5cent
  • Tuning Item:  G(Guitar), B(Bass), V(Violin), C(Chromatic), U(Ukulele)
  • Size: 44mm*50mm*60mm
  • Weight: 51g (Including battery, User manual, Packing box)
  • Indications:                                                                                                         
    • Low Pitch: indicator is on the left, showing Red.
    • High Pitch: indicator is on the right, showing Yellow.
    • In-tune: indicator is in the middle, showing Green.
    • Packing:
    • 1 x Digital clip-on tuner
    • 1 x English user manual
    • 1 x CR2032 battery