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Auralex ROOMADCHACHA Alpha-DST Roominator Kit, Charcoal-Easy Music Center

Auralex ROOMADCHACHA Alpha-DST Roominator Kit, Charcoal

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The Alpha-DST™ Roominator™ Kit achieves better sound out of your existing equipment and will get you more enjoyment out of your room!

The Alpha-DST™ Kit gives you a multitude of design possibilities and is available in 3 color combinations. The Alpha-DST™ Kit is designed primarily for rooms with a floor square footage of less than 100 ft/sq. The shortest room dimension should be about 6 to 8 feet.

  • (32) Charcoal DST-112s™
  • (32) DST 114s™
  • (4) DST-LENRD™ Bass Traps
  • Mounting Adhesive Included