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What’s your favorite Electric Guitar Brand?

Charvel 297-5001-500 Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 Electric Guitar, HH, Floyd Rose - Old Yella
I’ve been asked that question a lot over the years. My answer to that question has varied as my taste and playing ability have evolved. I’ve done the dance with Fender, Gibson, Music Man, Ibanez, and even the occasional PRS. They were all great guitars that scratched a certain itch at a certain time in my evolution as a player.

About 4-5 years ago, one of my employees bought a Gutherie Govan by Charvel. He was nice enough to let me play it, and I fell in love immediately. Hot damn it was a nice guitar! The butter smooth “baked” flame maple neck was a cut above any neck I’d ever touched; I liked how racey it was for solos, without the fretboard being too flat for comfortable chording. I’ve always been a huge fan of tall frets, and this guitar had massive stainless steel frets that made vibrato and bends silky smooth. The pickups were uber versatile, and I’d never played a middle pickup that sounded so vibrant, twangy, and usable for recording! I was shocked at the out-of-the-box setup, having killer low action with zero buzz. The fit and finish were unlike anything I’d ever played.

I ended up buying one myself after constantly dreaming about it.
Charvel 297-5001-500 Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 Electric Guitar, HH, Floyd Rose - Old Yella
I felt a little sheepish answering the question “What’s your favorite Electric Guitar Brand” ever since buying a Charvel as we weren’t Charvel dealers. Still, I showed off my Charvel to long-time customers even though we weren’t selling them. Over the past few years, I got nothing but WOW responses from some of our best customers.

So here we are. We placed an opening order for Charvel about 3 months ago. We just got two of them in. The rest will trickle in over the next year.

Charvels are unlike any electric I’ve ever played. It’s everything I’ve been searching for in an electric guitar. I know I know....everyone has a different taste, especially when it comes to electric guitars. Me? I love tall frets, but some people hate them. These days, I love loud screaming colors that stand out and are unique looking, but some people hate that too.
Charvel 297-9411-568 Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24-7 Nova, 7-String, HH - Satin Black
For me, Charvels have a feel that is unparalleled. The care and attention that goes into the production and setup are at a whole different level. Even the way my Gutherie vibrates when it’s not plugged in is unlike any electric I’ve ever owned. Charvels also look next level, with many different styles and colors that set them apart from any other guitar line. Check out the Old Yella we just got in. It looks outrageous! I just played it on the floor. It feels outrageous!

I keep my Charvel in the case half of the time because I feel too spoiled playing it. I don’t want to feel handicapped playing a lesser guitar when I have to; It’s like I’m trying to keep myself from becoming a full-blown Charvel-dependent addict.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this Charvel monkey off my back. Please come down and check out our Charvels before I take them both home with me. My wife would appreciate that greatly.

Peter Dods